What do your Clients Want? >Saved Searches!

Your onQAgent – IDX Broker with Listing Manager tool gives you and your clients the ability to save custom searches, and receive email updates as those new listings arrive on the market. While your clients can manage their searches and properties themselves, there may be times when you will want to do this for them. Save searches for your client in order to demonstrate the value of working with a Realtor who can provide direct access to accurate and timely listing data. Review the items below to get started:

  • All of your leads are stored in IDX Broker under Lead Management -> Manage Leads. You can see whether your leads already have saved searches by reviewing the “Saved Searches” column.

  • To see the details of a lead’s saved searches, just click on their name and scroll down to the Saved Searches section. Here, you’ll see the form you can use to create new saved searches for leads. Or simply scroll down the page to the save a search form.
  • Use the Advanced Search form to set up searches based on Subdivision, Area, or any other fields unique to your MLS.
  • Existing saved searches are listed below the search form. Here, you may view the search criteria, click to remove a saved search, and view lifetime or daily search results. If at least one listing displays in Today’s Results, that listing should be in the client’s email update. Most email updates are sent out in the morning, however, this may vary by MLS.

Getting those listings out to your leads will bring your clients back to your site. It may also encourage them to call you about a listing!

Hot Real Estate Leads | onQ’s MLS/IDX – Lead Management

In Lead Management, you have the ability to filter by “Hot Leads.” Hot Leads are any leads that have signed up, logged in, or received an email update within a given period of time. You can specify this period of time in your control panel under Lead Management -> Manage Leads. In the Hot Leads Definition field, enter the number of days since the lead was last contacted. Then, you can use the Hot Leads filter in the Jump To menu to display “Hot Leads.”

Using the Hot Leads filter allows you to quickly see which leads have recently engaged with your IDX pages. When you filter leads by “Hot Leads” you have a quick sampling of the people who are your most likely prospects.


Another search option available within the IDX/MLS software is the map search page. This page gives your users the ability to search using a dynamic map tool instead of traditional search forms.

You have total control over the center point and you can make the viewable map as big or as small as you want using the custom options.

Users can even use the drag and select tool within the IDX map search interface to go directly to a specific area of interest. All search options are dynamic on this feature, so if users select a different price range or number of bedrooms, the map will automatically show active listings in that area that meet the specific criteria the user is looking for.

Combined with our custom links generator, you can create an unlimited number of map search pages all with different center points and default search criteria. Great for promoting a community or subdivision focused page/s, now you can send those users to a specific area on the map and let them search using the visual search tools. Your own little “farmville”…

Our technology dept will make this magic happen for you, just pick a market and let us set it up!

Open House Management – Built-in Technology Simplified!

Send people to an Open Houses page that has the look and feel of your website – you can even add a subheader title and map search to the top of the Open Houses page!

Simply flag your active listing as an Open House, and promote Open Houses to your potential buyers. Enter the days, dates, hours to ensure that buyers know where to go, and when. Every Open House property detail page comes complete with a printable flyer. Give you buyers something to carry with them.

Promote Open Houses on your home page!


  • Add Open Houses to your Home Page.
  • Share all your added open houses with one convenient link.

Social Media Sharing Tools

The IDX social media tools sharing feature gives you and your website visitors a fast and easy way to share property detail pages with social media connections on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, MySpace, and even through mobile text.

Create an account and track statistics to enhance your social media skills and targeting. For example, use the ShareThis social media statistics to determine which properties are getting the most attention, and then find ways to attract people to those unique listings.

Make the most of social media – give visitors the tools they need to share properties with friends and family!


  • Give your visitors a way to share listings.
  • Share listings with your online connections.
  • Promote your active listings to a wider audience.
  • Help drive interest and traffic to your site by the power of social media.

Social Media Websites

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years you know that Social Media for real estate agents is taking over the internet. Welcome to the home of community based / Social Media Websites for Leading Real Estate agents. We  understand the importance that is placed on an agent to have a thorough understanding of the Real Estate markets they are involved in. Agents must maintain a high degree professionalism and a willingness to put the needs of their customers first we at onQAgent are dedicated to supplying the tools necessary to help you manage and run your real estate business.

We believe that SOI “sphere of influence” marketing is a critical ingredient in getting the message out and building market share –in any market. Clients hate to be sold, but they love (and need) to buy. We believe that providing awesome service, the information clients need and an interaction with them and the communities that you serve will provide you with clients that want to “buy” from you. Provide genuine service, answers and information that they care about and they will seek to find you! Suggest they visit you and become a part of your online community and remind them who you are and use your Social Media Website from onQAgent.com to brand you and your agency!

7 Reasons Your Email Might Be Going to the Trash Dump!

The following is a point list to help you use your Premier Tools and give you an inside track on some of the leading edge technology Premier One one is bringing to our associates involved in Real Estate:

  1. Most Clients hate HTML rich emails. If your drip emails have lots of colorful HTML and banners, they might just get dumped into the spam folder. If you want people to read your emails, then keep them simple with no banners and pictures of your happy home selling face. Nothing says “SPAM” like a colorful email that looks like it came from a discount retailer. People are more likely to respond to auto-responders if they don’t know it’s an auto-responder.
  2. Long emails go to the dump. You don’t read long emails from anyone, not even people you like. So why would anyone want to take 5 minutes to read an email from a real estate agent? I’ve found that the most effective emails are about 3-4 sentences. If a prospect can read it in 15 seconds, he might actually take 5 more seconds to reply. (I sometimes use emails with no caps in the sentences. That looks authentic, though a little amateur.)
  3. Give people a reason to respond, or your email is dumpster bound. If your email doesn’t ask a question, cater to their specific needs or otherwise give the reader a good reason to reply, will they? End your email with something like, “When are you thinking of moving?” Or, “Let me know what you think of this house.”
  4. Emailing too frequently and I’ll toss you in the trash. If you email me every week, I’m eventually going to mark you as ‘junk’ in my email account. Don’t email people every week if they aren’t moving for a year. If a buyer has no time frame for moving, then once a month is plenty, maybe even too often. Early on in my career I had everyone getting a weekly email with properties. The vast majority of those people opted out of my emails within a few months.
  5. Irrelevant emails are Dumpster material. You can’t just have one email campaign, because you don’t just have one type of client. Buyers should get buyer emails, sellers should get seller emails. Prospects with no set time frame should get long term, spread out emails that just remind them you are there. You want a custom email campaign for each type of lead, prospect, and client you are working with. And by the way, those are 3 very different types of people I just mentioned. A lead is not a prospect, which is not a client, yet.
  6. If you don’t send properties, your emails might be dumped as junk. We all know it that over 80% of the website traffic is searching for property! I say “might” because not every drip email needs to show properties. But if you have a buyer, chances are they would rather see properties of interest than your pretty face. Sellers want to see homes sold or listed in their neighborhood. If you know anything about the recipient, sending properties of interest is your best bet.
  7. And lastly, for the love of all things email, don’t forward jokes or trite little stories about your cat. I am actually on one brokers email list and he forwards jokes to his entire sphere of influence (including me) about once a week. I have sent him to the trash dump even though he is a personal friend. So, now if he really has something to say I’ll never get it! And, please don’t force your political ranting’s on me, not everyone is going to feel the same way you do and this will not only send you to the dump but may send your relationship to the dump as well!

Good luck and happy e-mailing!
Special Note: Give your clients what they really want! Set up your own IDX/MLS listing manager account with “THE WORKS”. Then you can send your clients automatically generated emails from your own Branded Website giving them the “scoop” on the latest listing based on their leads.

Co-Branded IDX/MLS Search for Yourself or Your Team!

Yes! in addition to our Agent -IDX solution, now individual agents within our Office-IDX solution  can have their own branded IDX/MLS “Search like an Agent”!

  • Use this custom feature in all your email!
  • Add a special link from all your Social Media Sites!
  • We will add full MLS/IDX search to your own Agent or Team Social Media Website!
  • Build your business – brand your team or yourself!
  • Retain contact with your Clients – Track their activity and your results!
  • Gain the power and control over your business
  • Gather your own High Quality Leads


We display Your Sub Header on every page of your Office IDX website! Not only does the browser cookie ensure that the Agent’s Sub Header appears – it also assigns the lead to You the Agent who referred them!

Agents simply send their clients to their Bio page, or append a link to almost any page of your IDX website! This amazing feature extends your IDX search forms to your Brokerage Website, Social Media and Emails!